Delicious flavors

About our restaurant. Delicious favors, taste them! The Homorod Hotel offers an entirely new menu for 56 persons in a selective restaurant of a new indoor design. In the menu You will find the traditional Transylvanian cuisine and the personal delicacies of our chef.

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Beef tenderloin marinated in Mediterranean
Spicy African catfish, with steak potatoes
Oven roasted pork ribs with braised cabbage, potatoes and barbecue sauce
Lacto-ovo vegetarian bowl
Chopped steak in a spicy parmesan walnut coat
Medallions of pork tenderloin with mushroom pastry
Forester steak with mushrooms, ham, cheese and chips
Chopped steak in a dry tomato coat
Chicken breast salad with vegetable mix and salad dressing
Pork leg joint a'la Homorod
Hot mix of poultry and pork meat with warm vegetables
Duet of chicken breast and pork chop steak in bacon with grilled vegetables
Trio of chicken breast with parmesan, of turkey breast sticks in bacon and of pork tenderloin
Florence turkey breast rolls filled with spinach and feta cheese on a potatoes au gratin with mushed potatoes and tomato comfiture
Grilled salmon crusted in lemon
Homorod dish
Apple cake with vanilla whipped cream frosting, and ice cream
The rest of the menu can be found in our restaurant...
From out menu


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